Moscow Farmers Market

Poster Contest Winner

May 2014

The Moscow Farmers Market has been a treasured and vibrant part of the community since its inception in 1977 as a small grass-roots gathering. This Saturday event celebrates local farmers, artisans, and musicians by providing them with an opportunity to interact directly with the community and its visitors. Highlights include farmed and/or created agricultural products (e.g., crops, meat, cheese, wine, etc.), distinctive handmade goods, artisan pieces, and original-recipe cuisine. This venue is meant to encourage and support sustainable economic, social, and environmental practices.

Each year, the City of Moscow (Idaho) holds a contest for the annual poster for the Market. From all the submissions received, a jury panel assisted in selecting the top two entries. These entries were voted on by the entire community and my design was selected as the 2014 Moscow Farmers Market Poster. The poster is a colorful, mod view of the Moscow Farmers Market that celebrates local farmers, artists, craftspeople, and musicians with graphic images of items found in the Market

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