NRES Samples

In 2007 I completed K-State's first interdisciplinary program, the NRES Secondary Major. The program leverages expertise from across campus to expand student knowledge, skills, and perspectives beyond those learned in a primary major to more effectively solve complex environmental, climate change, and sustainability challenges.

NRES Capstone Project

The Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Capstone Project focused on Snapper Creek, a stream on the rural-urban fringe of Manhattan, Kansas. Land development in the Snapper Creek watershed has played a significant role in changing the hydraulic balance. Impervious surfaces created with increased development have replaced the trees, shrubs, groundcover, and soil that slow and filter storm water. The project was completed with a team of four students, each from a different major. The project assessed the current stream problems and attempted to understand why they have occurred. Methods for mitigating the problems were then researched and considered. Finally, design solutions were proposed for the stream corridor.

Natural Systems and Site Analysis

The Natural Systems and Site Analysis course was completed during my third year of study at Kansas State. The course focused on Marlatt Park, 120 acres of tallgrass prairie located just outside of Manhattan, Kansas. comprehensive site inventory was conducted on site and resulted in a series of five scientific papers written to document the site's physiography, hydrology, geomorphic history, soils, climate, infrastructure, vegetation, and wildlife habitat. For the final project, I teamed with two classmates to produce a site analysis and to provide design recommendation for the possible development of Marlatt Park. Our findings were complied and presented in a PowerPoint format.


Writing Sample

Sample of technical writing for the Natural Systems and Site Analysis course.