Business Logos and Marketing

Often small businesses and start-ups need an eye-catching logo and don't know where to turn. That's where I come in! I focus on simplistic designs that will work well on print materials, digitally, and make a memorable impression.

Gem State Craft (GSC)

Small business in Lewiston, Idaho. Owner, Phil Shriver, wanted a simplified logo that could be used both in print, on apparel, and also created into an iron brand to be used on the wood crafted products he creates.

Panhandle Tech Net

Small business in Oshkosh, Nebraska. The owner, Tyler Ardissono, offers wireless internet and technology services across the Panhandle region. His access point is located on a decommissioned water tower, and the tower in the logo is reminiscent of that unique feature.

Johnson Social Services

Small business in Pullman, Washington. Owner, Melissa Johnson, wanted a straightforward and calming design for her logo, thus I came up with a tranquil blue with classic black and white design. The lotus flower symbolizes strength and rebuilding, perfect for this social services office.