M.Ed. Samples

In 2021, I completed a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Idaho State University. This degree prepares me to assume leadership roles in a post-secondary setting. Provides knowledge in leading faculty, staff, and students to accomplish academic and student success goals, and to create positive interactions among students, faculty, staff, and other educational constituents. 

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Theories of Adult Learning

Writing Sample 

This course explores theories of adult learning as a body of academic inquiry and as applied in professional practice within organizations. Examines cross-cultural theories and practice of learning, including practice developing and interpreting theoretical lenses within scholarly literature.

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Issues in Education Administration

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This course is a critical analysis of issues, trends and current topics in higher education leadership.


Final Case Study - Capstone Assessment

The final course in the degree requirements is a case study. The faculty gave me a scenario of a situation at a community college, and I had to identify the main issue and two minor issues. I had to provide research on the issues, and propose solutions to the problems. 

After completion of the paper, I presented my findings to a panel of three faculty members. Typically this is done in-person but I graduated in "Covid times" so we did it over zoom.  This provided me the opportunity to explain why I identified the specific issues and defend my choices in solutions to the problems. 

Academic Transcript - Kyser.pdf

Academic Transcript 

Academic transcripts are typically used for advising purposes only. If you want to view an official transcript, please reach out to me.