Samples of both text and video tutorials used in instructional design. 

Import Canvas Commons Module

Short tutorial videos are a great way to get "how to" instructions to faculty. This vidoe is about 2.5 minutes long, and covers how to import a module from Canvas Commons. 

Prior Learning Assessment Video

I created this video in collaboration with the instructor for the Portfolio class that gives credit for prior learning.  I collaborated with the instructor to develop the script for the video. The instructor prepared the PowerPoint, then I created the video and added the demonstration pieces. 

How I Made This Video

This is a 30 minute tutorial explaining all the steps needed to make a short introductory video. The steps covered include writing a script, preparing your screen, using Snagit to record, making edits, sharing to YouTube, and inserting closed captions. 

The creation of this tutorial was prompted after I hosted an in-person workshop on this topic. I had many faculty let me know they weren't able to to attend, but really wanted the knowledge. I put this video tutorial together in an attempt to reach a greater audience. 

How to Add Students.pdf

How to Add Students

Clubs and organizations at LC State can use Canvas. Then the leader of that course space can add or remove student users as needed. This written tutorial is provided to all staff or faculty who run these course spaces.


Template from Canvas

eLS at LC State uses Canvas Commons to provide a recommended template for Canvas courses. This tutorial document provides steps to importing the template.

Stop Reinventing the Canvas Wheel

This is a recording of a live workshop I did over Zoom. I share it here as an example of having to pivot when things don't go as planned. I was originally supposed to do this workshop in-person but had to quarantine due to COVID, thus we switched it to Zoom the day prior.   Then during the session, I had a few moments of technical issues. Don't we all just love technology?